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Helping small business owners and creative humans shake off site-shame and feel like the boss of their online presence ⚡️

I’m Sammi of Webswool and until March I was touring with Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures as a Deputy Stage Manager.

I’ve always had an interest in website design and development (she’s a not-so-secret nerd 🤓) so when my tour was pulled I started investing some time in the website ‘stuff’ and pitching myself on freelancer websites to keep my brain busy. Webswool was launched primarily as a means to stop climbing the walls but also to help me develop my CSS and coding skills. Along the way I found Squarespace and I quickly discovered a real love for the platform. 

Now I’m working with independent businesses and creative professionals who want to elevate their online presence or need support with the DIY of their own websites. 💪🏻

I want to help as many creatives and small businesses feel empowered about their online presence – you can DM me or there’s a link to book a Zoom call over at https://webswool.co.uk and we can chat about how I can help you. 

Check out @webswool on Instagram and get in touch if you’re looking for some advice or even to discuss a project ⚡️ I’m currently running a promotion for arts industry peeps: 20% off of a 1-day portfolio page (with a donation on my part to a charity supporting theatrical freelancers).

Sammi x