The Playhouse Arthouse

Digital watercolours of beloved West End Theatres! If you can't work in them, draw them!

Pre-Covid-19, Libby was a theatrical video designer. Recently graduated and keen to make her mark on the theatre world. Then Covid struck, the theatres closed and Libby’s creative outlet was stifled. Libby explored many media to find a new outlet, from knitting and embroidery to make up and acrylic paints. She soon looped back to her digital roots, picked up and iPad and began to draw. Really missing theatre, she started to sketch the outline of the Lyceum Theatre in London, home to The Lion King, and soon realised this was the media for her. She continued to draw and soon had a series of 4 West End shows under her belt.

Following encouragement from friends and ex-colleagues in the same situation as her, Libby decided to launch The Playhouse Arthouse. So many people are missing live theatre at the moment and Libby hopes her art can fill in until theatres’ eventual return.

Libby is eager to continue expanding the series during and beyond Covid-19 and take on custom artwork that challenges and further develops her artistic style.