SketchaSticki Studio

Hand-crafted and eco-friendly art with a personal touch.

SketchaSticki Studio specialises in artwork with a personal touch: each and every product is made, crafted and finished by hand. 

Our quirky illustrations tell stories featuring our furry friends as the protagonists. We often capture them in a moment of mischief, mishap or mayhem, but sometimes we like to follow them on a journey, seeing the adventures they encounter or the unlikely friendships they make along the way. You can find all of these on a range of Greetings Cards and Art Prints. Or, if you wish to make your art truly personal, you can commission your own Bespoke Pet Portrait. Have your canine, feline, avian or piscine companion captured in a lasting memento, also making the perfect gift for any animal-lovers.

We are always trying to do our bit for the planet so all of our products are handmade, and our supplies are ethically-sourced and eco-friendly.