Showreel and editing service

Creatives Showreel filming and editing specific to YOU

Creatives Showreel filming and editing specific to YOU.

At Showreel Talent, we specialize in creating unique and tailored showreels that showcase what type of roles and characters an actor or a creative will be going for and working as.
We pride ourselves on collaborating with the creatives and their management team to find that niche in the market that you would be perfect for. No performer or performance is ever the same and we should be embracing that inherent uniqueness in us all.
We want to find that something in your performance that will make you stand out above the crowd.


We want every showreel to feature the actor at their best doing what they are going to be cast for.

We will work with you and your management to see what you are being submitted for, what your ‘TYPE’ is and writing bespoke, unique scenes for that type.

We want to make it easy for the Casting Director to see you in that role before they see you in the room.


We want you to have all the tools and equipment to be able to market yourself to the highest standard.

We will work with you to create digital content that can be shown on your social media and any other marketing tool you employ.