You Can't BEAT Them! (Literally)

Bespoke – Handmade – Solid Oak – Tables 

Made to order, Solid oak tables tops that are then attached to the shells of old drum kits. 


Drum Clock £89

Snare drum converted into clock
Silent mechanism 

“Your Drum” package £180

Send me your drum and I’ll Upcycle it
Chrome hardware 
Pine/Oak top

Standard Package – £220

Upcycled Drum 14” or 16”
Chrome hardware 
Pine/Oak Top

Premium Package – £250

Upcycled Drum 14” or 16”
Hardware/wrap colour of choice
Oak Top 

Lamp tables £250 (2 for £450)

Converted rack toms into floor toms (11”, 12” or 13” Toms)
Hardware/Wrap colour of choice
Oak Top

Custom Clear Package – £450 

Drum custom made FOR YOU. (Including clear/acrylic drums in a number of colours)
Hardware (colour of choice) 
Oak top.