Reiki stones on Re-Energize You and Reiki, astrology services online.

Pretty powerfully positive products to Re -Energize You

Hello my name is Caroline Trowbridge (Baker-Duly) and this year I created Re-Energize You. This is a platform for me to draw upon my talent for art, astrology and Reiki to try and support my family and keep positive! I sell my hand painted Energy Stones via an online shop, Re-Energize You, on The British Craft House.  These stones are pretty, powerfully positive as they are attuned to flow Reiki, a Japanese healing art which flows through all living things. I design and personalise them -they make fantastic wellness gifts for elevating your energy.  I learned Reiki to Master level in New York and have been offering Reiki services in person and remotely for 6 years. The pandemic brought me to work online offering 30 minute sessions for £15. As an avid lover of astrology having studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, I decided to offer astrology birth chart and transit readings online too as well as written birth charts. Lastly, prior to lockdown I was visiting schools offering workshops of my 2 books I am Me …You, Us and We and Shooting Star! I am selling via Amazon but offer signed hardcover copies of both-£16. So I offer services and products to support you and your children through these unprecedented times. Do check out my social media links and reiki website for more info! Much love!