Planet Coaching – Coaching, Consulting and Creative Development

Creative Business Coach & Consultant

Alicia is an Actor, Life Coach & Creative Consultant. She works with actors and other creative business people, in focussed 1-2-1 sessions, to develop the very best version of themselves, as realistically possible.

After working as a professional Actor & Voice Over Artist for 15 years — while at the same time juggling multiple, survival day jobs which led her to creative burn-out — Alicia decided to refocus her energy and attention towards a solo business that supported her performing career rather than taking from it.

She built her coaching business from the ground up and now works exclusively for herself and exclusively with other creative entrepreneurs, helping them get to and maintain that same balance of practical wants and needs vs living their desired creative life.

  • Personal Coaching (dreams vs goals; motivation; accountability; habits; practical exercises)
  • Business Consulting – for Actors & other Creative Entrepreneurs (‘how to’ surgery sessions; formulas & templates; marketing & branding; preparation & research; role-play)
  • Creative Development (research; proactive discussion; practical participation; honest feedback; continued support)

Previous and current clients include: Actors (in-training & pro); writers; content creators; small business owners (ranging from yoga to home decor to marketing) 

“This is the kind of help I have been needing for a long time. I am glad I found it.” – Toni M