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Creative Coach & Consultant

Alicia is an Actor, Life Coach & Creative Consultant. She works with actors and other creative entrepreneurs, in focussed 1-2-1 sessions, to develop the very best version of themselves, as realistically possible.

She specialises in (very originally named…) Show Business Business (the 9-5 of a working Actor) — everything from getting representation to creating a sustainable side hustle and taking you out of that temp job/ zero hour contract/ grey building that kills your creativity.

An expert in reframing situations, Alicia will guide you in Life Coaching 121s, unpicking and unpacking along the way to clear whatever path you decide to take. She is NLP trained.

She offers 30 minute free consultations Mon-Fri over Zoom, with zero obligation to book post call. Book a free consultation HERE.

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Previous and current clients include: Actors (in-training & pro); writers; content creators; Theatre marketers; small business owners (ranging from yoga to home decor to marketing); youth drama

This is the kind of help I have been needing for a long time. I am glad I found it.” – Toni M