The knitting Associate Director: handmade, homemade, knitted headwarmers đŸ§¡

When the theatres are open I am an Associate Director… mostly on a show about the Ex-Wives of that giant royal oaf!

I love knitting but have been (gratefully) too busy with work over the past couple of years to keep the hobby up. Then lockdown happened. And the work stopped.

So, I returned to knitting.

In the beginning, I was doing the usual blankets and scarves but then wanted to make things for my friends – the postal equivalent of a hug – so, the headwarmers where created. Part headband, part earwarmer, inspired by hair-turbans, and all made with love.

The more my friends kindly said ‘these are great’ the more I thought maybe this is a way to help support myself through the theatre industry shutdown… and so, here I am, the knitting Associate Director.

PeachPickle Headwarmers are ideal for the changes in season, as a treat for yourself or a gift for others. Each headwarmer is handmade and packaged to the cutest Etsy standard. 

Even now as theatre work gently returns, our industry continues to face a harsh austerity, particularly for freelancers. PeachPickle is my way of hopefully supporting my career survival in the industry until that austerity wanes…

Featured image illustration by @studiosladeco