Graffiti Inspired Clothing Brand

Nihilist is one of the only clothing brands in the UK that uniquely brings stencil graffiti straight to your wardrobe. 

– Originally necessary –

NIHILIST as an independent clothing brand in 2018 to critically react to a wasteful and unconscious society. 

We started with original works by Philipp Walsch spray painted onto a Limited run of handmade T shirts.

After these humble beginnings Nihilistbrand now prints original designs on 100% recycled cotton fabric in a sustainable partnership with TeemillLearn more about how Teemill are tackling fast fashion one garment at a time, here.

In a world that needs to be listened to and is in dire need of fixing, a stencil can say more than a thousand words. 

We stand for ecological consciousness, equality for all, global unity, critical examination our failing society.