Mather Moment

Let Every Moment Last

My name is Rosie Mather

I LOVE candles! That’s it…who doesn’t right?!

Unfortunately for my husband I have expensive taste! And being a new mum means money is primarily going towards my daughter and not buying myself my expensive candles! (Well, that and Prosecco!)

Fact of the matter is, I couldn’t afford the up keep of the expensive brand of candles I was buying, and the cheaper versions didn’t smell half as good or last as long.
So I decided to take the matter into my own hands and create some amazing smelling candles using soy wax so they’re eco friendly, as well as essential oils  and fragrances, for a fraction of the price. 

My candles are themed for moments of the day when you need either a pick me up, relaxation or a calm atmosphere.

our fragrances have been so popular that we have expanded our business and now have our Hand & Body, wash & lotion range in our most popular scents.

I hope you love our products as much as I do. 
Rosie x