LGD Fitness

Confidence Through Fitness

My name is Louie-George and I am a Personal Trainer (for both online via my APP and in person at a boutique PT only gym In ealing, London. As a Musical Theatre performer myself, I know the pressure and struggles we face in this industry to always be on top form.

So I Started LGD Fitness as a way to bring all of my passions together. My biggest goal with being a Personal trainer is to be able to firstly help all creatives gain the confidence and knowledge to lead a healthier lifestyle from someone who really understands. And to also give back to the industry that has given me so much!   


I write each and every programme (with full dietary advice) personal to each individual. No copy and paste plans here! And its all laid out with guide videos and rest timers all on my app! 

If you’re looking for some in person 1-1 sessions, I am currently based at a PT only gym (that means its just you and me in the whole gym whenever we want to use it!) in West London. I offer a free first session and you get every fourth session for half price so do get in touch! And give us a follow on instagram!