Get Fit With Charlotte


Hi! I’m Charlotte, I’m a professional dancer and personal trainer. I’ve been interested in fitness since my teens and have always promoted a healthy diet and fitness regime. I have been lucky enough to work as a professional dancer and now I want to conquer the fitness side of the industry too! I’m motivational and bubbly and love to see the progression of my clients.

I have been giving people fitness tips for years now, and when I was training at college I was always praised for my fitness levels and determination. This is something I have carried with me since then. During lockdown I have been posting fitness videos on my Instagram page and also giving friends and clients lots of inspiration, motivation to workout, as many people I know have struggled. I’d love to extend this to a wider scale and help more people across the world enjoy fitness and working out!

There is no judgement or pressure, group classes are also available via Zoom and you can have your camera on or off! 

I can’t wait to get you know you and help you reach your goals!