Charlotte’s Crafts

There is no Planet B

Hello! I’m Charlotte, founder of @charlottescraftsuk, an eco friendly, sustainable business, providing reusable products, which aren’t damaging to our planet. 
Before the pandemic, I was working as a performer on stage and commercially, and although I have managed to continue my training online, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands and I found a love of sewing. I began making eco friendly make-up wipes, as being a performer, I was conscious of how many cotton pads I was using and knowing they were just going to landfill and take years to fully decompose, it got me thinking this is a time to change. I have since branched out into making other reusable products like masks, bowl cozies, baby bibs and wipes and cosmetic headbands, all of which are made with natural cotton and bamboo towelling, which is eco friendly and naturally antibacterial. I am also slowly introducing handmade tops and dresses into my collection, all made with sustainable cotton fabrics. 
Aside from this, I also have a number of watercolour prints available and these are all hand painted and printed on recycled paper. I also offer commissioned pieces where you will receive the original hand painted piece! All orders have FREE UK DELIVERY, and bespoke orders are also available.