Carl Mullaney London

Hand poured candles and fine fragrance

Welcome to Carl Mullaney London. 
Hand poured candles and fine fragrance.

Carl Mullaney has been a professional actor on stage and screen for the last 20 years.

During the great pandemic of 2020, and with the entertainment industry in complete ruins, Carl decided to channel his stifled creativity into his other great passion in life – scented candles and fine fragrance.

Carl has created a signature collection of six uplifting and enigmatic fragrances to fill your home with luxurious scent.

These fragrances are currently available in a six-candle scent discovery kit, with many more exciting and beautiful products coming soon.

Made with great attention to detail and beautifully packaged – all of our product are a delight – as a treat  for yourself, or as a stunning gift for your loved ones.

Carl says….

“I have always been obsessed with scented candles. I love how a lit candle can instantly create an atmosphere and when a beautiful scent infused the space you are in I think it does wonders for your mood.
I hope that during these dark days – our products can provide some much needed joy and light.”

Your scent adventure awaits….