AP EDITS – Freelance Video Editor

for all your editing needs


I am a freelance Video Editor with a background in acting and music. If you need any help editing a short film, web series, updating your showreel, a covid birthday shout out video, dance piece or ANY sort of project, I am at your service! 

I too have been affected by this crazy time and understand a lot of us are having to record and film live performances at present. I also understand how overwhelming it can be to get your video finished to a professional standard if you’re new to this style of working. 

I will work closely with you to produce the best possible content with the footage we have to work with and help produce your vision of the project.

In regards to payment I’m happy to come to a fair agreement according to budget, depending on the project I can do a flat fee or an hourly rate. 

Drop me an email or text with any enquiries and we can get your project started!