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Hello, I’m Nicola! 🌙 The Moon & Her Daughters has been an incredibly special journey for me. Our house has always been a bit witchy. My journey with crystals began when I was young and my mum would put Amethyst crystals under my pillow to help me sleep. Or make beautiful bracelets out of Carnelian to help with anxiety. Herbal teas have always been our go to remedies for all ailments of the soul. My mum is always telling me to have a ginger tea. And though I’m still working on my green thumb, spending time working on the garden with my family was such a perfect way to connect to nature and find a sense of calm. I have always been in love with candles. But I never thought they would hold such power for me. I’m an actor living in London and my journey has been filled with many ups and downs. I have often felt overwhelmed and lost. But when I discovered Manifestation Candles my whole world was opened up. It gave me space for thought and meditation. To reflect on my goals and keep a positive outlook on the future. For so long I have wanted to share my love of crystals and candles with you all. But honestly starting a small business is super scary and I had to find the confidence to bet on myself and trust I was putting something I love out into the world. So thank you for popping onto the shop and having a little look. I hope you find magical things that you love. N xx Don’t forget to check us out on our socials! 🌸 ✨ Insta - @themoonandherdaughters ✨ TikTok - @themoonandherdaughters


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